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Modern Loading Docks Without the Wait

When a company discovers a bottleneck in loading or logistics, time is of the essence and it is critical to address it FAST. Whether you need more dock positions for additional loading capacity or the ability to service trailers at unconventional locations, traditional concrete construction often just takes too long.

Find out how more modern modular loading dock systems can help you address logistics challenges faster, and WITHOUT sacrificing safety or durability.


Concrete Construction? Dig in for a long wait.

When most people think about loading docks, they envision the conventional concrete structures carved out of the back of an industrial building. While permanent concrete structures are certainly durable, they are also time-consuming and inflexible.

With a traditional concrete loading dock, it could be months before it is ready for duty. Even a seemingly simple project has many steps, and they all take time: finding and hiring a general contractor and an architect, aligning schedules and availability, securing permits, excavating the site, pouring the new concrete dock and letting it cure for at least a week.

Plus, construction projects can be incredibly disruptive to daily productivity. During this time, the entire area is out of commission – filled with excavation equipment and construction crews, and weeks of dust and noise.

Modern Loading Solutions

What if you could set up a new loading dock in a fraction of the time, and with minimal disruption? Modern steel loading docks and platforms eliminate the need for traditional concrete loading dock construction altogether. These portable and modular loading systems are pre-fabricated, self-supported steel structures that mimic the performance and integrity of concrete, but without the long timelines and disruption to your business.

Innovative organizations can reinvent their operations and maximize value by taking advantage of these strong and versatile loading systems. Modular loading solutions – such as loading platforms, portable and mobile loading docks, bolt-on dock levelers, and dock to ground ramps – are all pre-fabricated and ready for duty in weeks instead of months. Plus, they can all be relocated or reconfigured when you need it, instead of being stuck in concrete!

Solution 1: Add a Loading Dock in a Week

Whether you need to increase shipping capacity at a property, or you need to accelerate operations with shipping capabilities in an atypical location, Dockzilla stocks pre-fabricated portable loading docks for immediate shipment. These self-standing steel structures are delivered ready to go and built to comply with OSHA and IBC architectural safety codes right out of the box, so you can ramp up your operation on day one.

Dockzilla loading docks can be configured as stationary structures or with heavy-duty wheels for added mobility. Upon arrival, your new dock is ready to use within a few hours – just unload, install handrails, and make final adjustments. Or if you need something a little extra, work directly with a Dockzilla engineer to customize a built-to-order loading dock and get it in as little as 4 weeks. With the portable loading dock, businesses can scale up operations to meet demand without disruption.

Solution 2: Install Dock Levelers in a Day

Install dock levelers in just one day with Dockzilla’s Dock House bolt-on dock levelers. Standard pit-style dock levelers are installed directly into the building floor, and take weeks to install – including days of prep and demolition cutting into the floor, followed by at least a week for concrete to cure, and then final installation. Instead, we’ve designed the Dock House: a self-supported steel dock leveler that attaches to the outside of a facility.

This innovative retrofit dock leveler can be installed by a single crew in half a day, over 5x faster than traditional pit style dock levelers. By installing the dock leveler on the exterior of the building, businesses can avoid the dust, downtime, and disruption that comes with construction. Plus, the exterior installation means you save 1,000 sq. ft of internal floor space at each dock position.

Solution 3: Get Forklifts Into Your Facility FAST

When you need to get forklifts or other vehicles in/out of your facility, Dockzilla’s dock to ground ramps are a perfect fit. Building permanent ramps at a facility could drag on for weeks depending on building permits and contractor schedules. Instead, our dock to ground ramps are typically available for delivery within a week, and are easily installed in less than 2 hours.

These ramps are designed for typical 8 ft. wide dock doors and built per the same OSHA and IBC safety codes used in conventional loading dock construction, with handrails and extra tall side curbs that protect personnel and forklifts. Not only that, but these ramps can be repositioned or relocated so you can take them with you when the lease expires for quick set up at a new facility. Try that with concrete!

Solution 4: Fuel Last Mile Deliveries Using the Same Docks

To retrofit warehouse space that’s in an ideal location for last mile distribution, Dockzilla’s universal height loading ramps are the fastest and easiest way to service fleets of all shapes and sizes. These lift ramps are designed to meet the needs of high-volume fulfillment centers that service standard OTR trailers along with short vehicles, such as delivery vans, box trucks, and pup trailers.

Instead of adding new loading docks, retrofit existing dock locations with our unique, hydraulically-powered ramps to raise shorter vehicles up to dock height. With the push of a button, easily transform any dock position from standard dock height for OTR trailers to service shorter box trucks or delivery vans for your local delivery fleet.

Loading Docks in Record Time

Dockzilla cut its teeth in the material handling environment, learning about the challenges of loading using traditional methods. The company designed and introduced our flagship portable loading dock in 2011, defining a new category in the industry. The portable loading dock was the first architecturally-designed steel structure with an integrated dock leveler.

Since then, the company has debuted more than 40 other solutions that transform and improve loading operations by replacing outdated dock products at any facility or any location. The company’s delivery process and products are engineered to help customers increase velocity and maximize momentum.

  • Fast Selection – When you call Dockzilla you’ll speak directly with a sales engineer, so you can ask questions and get an immediate recommendation that works for your application.
  • Speedy Delivery – In-stock units are available for immediate shipping, and customized built-to-order models arrive in just a few weeks.
  • Quick Setup – Dockzilla’s pre-fabricated equipment arrives ready for duty, with minimal setup required.

Modern Logistics at the Speed of Business

Successful companies are modernizing loading dock operations to meet critical deadlines and the needs of their customers. At Dockzilla, we’re here to help you do the same. Get in touch with one of our engineers to discover how we can help you harness better efficiency FASTER.

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