Meet the New Rail Yard Monster - Dockzilla

Meet the New Rail Yard Monster

As many companies tap intermodal transportation to stretch  shipping budgets, Dockzilla® Rail is improving boxcar unloading that takes place at rail sidings, outside of manufacturing facilities. These yard ramps are designed to help forklifts handle extremely heavy freight, which is then transferred to trucks for the next leg of the journey.

Like its predecessor, Dockzilla Portable Loading Docks, Dockzilla Rail is a workhorse built to withstand the daily rigors of the work site thanks to built-in self-supporting legs, wheel chocks, and safety chains. This unit can be relocated to a new job or facility, making it a more versatile investment for logistics and purchasing management.

Realizing the sharp turns and impact forces involved, these mobile rail yard ramps are engineered to improve forklift driver ergonomics and reduce costly damage to forklift tires.

Dockzilla Rail features:

• A unique design to accommodate the wider side access of boxcars
• A higher capacity fixed lip enabling forklift drivers to safely traverse the ramp with extremely heavy freight loads
• Recessed side curbs and a three-sided lip chamfer to enhance forklift ergonomics and reduce damage to forklift tires