May the 4th be with you! - Dockzilla

May the 4th be with you!

As emperor of the Galactic Empire, you would think Darth Sidious would have a more disconcerting eye for workplace safety and possible OSHA reportable situations. Here we see his loading ramp is quite steep and – unlike a Dockzilla ramp – has no safety handrails.

When operating a motorized work vehicle like an AT-ST, it’s important to have a clean, smooth surface. This operator clearly did not have a reliable Dockzilla portable dock ramp or else he would have made it to the base safely. The high-traction serrated surface surely would have prevented slippage. That’s a lot of paperwork and repair time for one unit!

It’s hard to watch Han Solo struggling with a classic case of slow ramp deployment. If he had a Dockzilla, he would have been able to load and unload faster and he’d have even received his unit within 6-8 weeks. He would have surely been off Tatooine before Jabba called the imperials. Also, the high-weld steel construction would have blocked quite a few more of those laser beams!

Sometimes you have to get a loading job done in a hurry regardless of the weather conditions. The rebels could have been 80% more efficient if they had used a Dockzilla loading ramp. Dockzilla’s dock houses would have been perfect on a planet like Hoth, where snow can make loading conditions unbearable. Lastly, those large, oversized bacta tanks would have been much easier to get onto their ships with a Dockzilla oversized ramp.

In a slippery environment, the last thing anyone wants is to lose traction and risk a dangerous fall. In this pertinent situation, a Dockzilla would have reduced the risk of sliding – it would have kept Jango Fett from having to jump from platform to platform. With a highly mobile and adjustable Dockzilla loading ramp, Jango could have just re-positioned the ramp from station to station without risking a workplace injury.

Moving a whole invasion force of robots to Naboo is a BIG job. How do you unload thousands of mechanical units quickly? A Dockzilla mobile loading dock would have provided the quickest of loading solutions. From the grassland of Naboo to the royal palace, a heavy-steel portable dock ramp can be deployed quickly in each unique situation, and then relocated to the next skirmish.

In the latest films we see future padawan Rey digging through Jakku’s galactic junk yards and rubble to find salvageable material to fund her startup (to leave the planet). She may never have weighed her loading dock options; although as we can see here, she had to carry everything by hand. A Dockzilla loading ramp would have provided a better option to load her wares because, rather than selling it to the scrap dealer for pennies on the dollar, she would have been able to sell her lightly used Dockzilla unit to the highest bidder. With this recouped cash, she would not have had to wait for Finn and Poe to continue her mission.