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Leum UPS Ramp Helps Save Christmas!

Just in time for Christmas deliveries, Tyson Bacon of the Robert Dietrick Co. had a customer request to convert a typical loading dock to a very short dock that would allow UPS trailers to more conveniently and ergonomically unload.


Typical UPS vans are short with very little under clearance, so Leum Engineering created a 40′ long continuous ramp with enough room inside to allow the vans to back completely up to the loading dock. Replaceable serrated bar grating for the tires allows the snow to simply fall through, maintaining traction for the van. Since the driver occasionally may need to exit the vehicle, a small movable stair assembly was installed adding safety and ergonomics for the drivers.

UPS delivers millions of Christmas gifts every year. Since this new product from Leum Engineering helps UPS load and unload packages, we are doing our part to help ensure quick and safe delivery of holiday cheer!