Let Freedom at the Loading Dock Ring! - Dockzilla

Let Freedom at the Loading Dock Ring!


As the July 4th fireworks fizzle out, the celebration of freedom continues in an unlikely place – the loading dock.  

Since the introduction of heavy-steel Dockzilla portable loading docks in 2011, countless U.S. manufacturers have seceded from the permanence of traditional loading docks.  By deploying Dockzilla’s intuitive forklift loading ramps, companies can build a loading dock, fix an existing dock, or add flexibility to their loading operations – without any concrete excavation, building permits, or significant downtime.  

To further achieve freedom from a concrete dock, Dockzilla engineers have designed a range of “stationary and mobile loading ramps” to tackle customer loading challenges.  

  • Adjustable Portable Loading Dock – handles rigorous loading volume and has the ability to adjust heights depending on incoming trailers
  • Mobile Loading Dock – is easily maneuvered into place by a forklift for the flexibility to load/unload anywhere on a property and then store the unit elsewhere
  • Wide Load Mobile Yard Ramp – features the widest loading deck available; a full 108” loading deck for easily navigating extremely wide loads and achieving 100% trailer capacity
  • Interior Loading Dock – creates a fully functional loading dock “inside” a building when space is limited outside a facility


The only true portable loading dock design on the market, Dockzilla modular loading units are manufactured in the United States.  From stem to stern, and dock plate to loading deck, these units source premium safety and performance components from American businesses, such as:  bumpers in OH; cylinders in MI; pumps in CA; hoses in MN; dock levelers in SC; as well as nationwide sales and warranty support.

In addition, to minimize shipping costs by manufacturing closer to customers, Dockzilla is manufactured at two facilities in TX and MI.  We salute our customers and partners who work hard and enjoy the freedom provided by portable loading docks from sea to shining sea.