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Dockzilla Loading Dock Combines Solar Power & Push Button Operation

As companies reimagine how and where they manufacture and ship products, Dockzilla has rolled out the ultimate loading dock for remote loading operations or unique manufacturing configurations.  The new Solar-Powered Mobile Loading Dock delivers flexibility, simplicity and ergonomics that can help offload incoming manufacturing components at remote set ups or quickly create shipping centers at makeshift distribution centers.


Positioned anywhere on a property via forklift, this mobile unit integrates Dockzilla’s patented automatic wheel placement and heavy frame with integral dock plate with an impressive list of features that pre-meditate loading challenges:

  • Open bar grating deck surface to allow precipitation to fall through and to maximize traction (patents pending)
  • Solar Powered push-button hydraulic operation (up to 5 trucks/day operation)
  • 115v/1 ph hard wired option for fixed position installations or >5 trucks per day
  • Safety lip run off barrier and an 8′ long fully adjustable dock plate
  • Solid non-adjustable framework (no landing gear or manual adjustment required)
  • Optional ship’s ladder

LE 11652 Portable With Wheels and Cheese Grater     Grant – Portable With Wheels and Cheese Grater

The Solar-Powered Mobile Loading Dock combines our heavy-duty fixed frame portable loading dock with push button dock leveler operation to deliver a simple, safer operation vs. mechanical operation. This new loading dock allows users to improve safety at the dock by adding vehicle restraints or 12volt safety light communication.  This unit does have a 115v/1ph hard wire option for heavy use applications.

For many companies, the Solar-Powered Mobile Loading Dock has evolved Dockzilla’s lineup of portable loading docks into the ultimate game-changer.