Introducing “Mr. Leum’s Dockyard” Show and Tell Video Series - Dockzilla

Introducing “Mr. Leum’s Dockyard” Show and Tell Video Series

Mr. Rogers is the ultimate storyteller who made it a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  As Mr. Rogers’ movie opens on Friday, we’re following in his footsteps with a “show and tell” video series, called “Mr. Leum’s Dockyard.”  Dockzilla Founder Grant Leum takes viewers behind the scenes to his dockyard, where a cast of toy characters tackle common loading conundrums with miniature loading docks, forklift ramps and levelers.

In the first of four videos currently planned for the series, Mr. Leum attempts to foil an evil scheme cooked up by unscrupulous lizard lackeys.  Their facility is hemorrhaging heat to the outside and their employees are hibernating on the job!

Mr. Leum arrives in his dockyard to explain that conventional pit style dock levelers are often the culprit when energy bills skyrocket. Spoiler Alert: the lizards learn that DZ Dock House bolts the dock leveler to the outside of a facility, capturing heat inside and saving at least $2,500/yr. per dock position.

“Loading docks aren’t difficult, but they can be tricky and our goal is to simplify the process,” says Mr. Leum, who is named on 31 patents in the materials handling industry.  “No one should have to become an expert in loading or logistics to get the solution they need.  Our engineers do the heavy lifting for customers, ensuring that all of the critical boxes are checked  – including safety, IBC compliance, durability, and performance.”

To learn more about the benefits of Dock House or other Dockzilla loading docks and forklift ramps, contact DZ Engineers at 1-800-637-3036 or [email protected].