Honey...We Shrunk the Dockzilla - Dockzilla

Honey…We Shrunk the Dockzilla

Even at 1/32nd of their normal size, Dockzilla modular loading docks are BIG on product features. “Dockzilla in 3D” is an interactive display that helps potential customers visualize the portability of these modern, modular loading docks and how they are easily installed, removed, and relocated.

Dockzilla’s heavy steel modular design helps companies break free from permanent concrete and loading and unloading anywhere needed. The current 3D display features the Dockzilla Portable Loading Dock, Dock to Grade Ramp, and Dock House in one of their natural habitats – at manufacturing loading docks and the surrounding property.

This snazzy display unit was created for meetings, trade shows, and sales presentations to customers in logistics, supply chain, distribution, manufacturing and more. Using this diarama-meets-Dockzilla, our engineers can demo how modular ramps, platforms and other configurations can tackle any loading application.

LE 11091 Print In-Progress      IMG_6130

Specifically, we can showcase product features built as standard – only on Dockzilla units:

  • Handrails:  required at 48” of elevation per OSHA
  • Extra Tall Side Curbs:  an added safety layer for forklifts navigating loads up the ramp
  • Pedestrian Guardrails:  above 30” of elevation per IBC
  • Wheel Chocks:  to protect against early trailer departure per OSHA
  • Trailer Restraint:  option per OSHA


IMG_1669Dockzilla in 3D is also available for viewing via video conferencing from the comfort of your desk or FaceTime. For a 15-minute tour of the display, email us: [email protected].