Emergency Response for Makeshift Care & Supply Chain Set Ups

MODULAR LOADING DOCKS: Emergency Response for Makeshift Care & Supply Chain Set Ups

Dockzilla’s modular loading docks are in production to help communities triage & set up medical care, supply chain, and other operations that require loading/unloading of trailers in unconventional locations – such as parking lots or vacant properties. We’re currently directing Dockzilla portable loading dock deliveries to New York, California, Canada, and (in shipping containers) to Spain, and other priority zones with amplified demand to set up medical response and turnkey distribution centers. 

Urgent Response Capabilities:  Dockzilla’s heavy steel, self-standing loading dock structures are ideal for emergency response, because they arrive COMPLETE with the essential integrated components you’d find at a typical loading dock.  

  • OSHA Employee Safety:  Includes wheel chocks, personnel handrails, and extra tall solid side curbs
  • Dock Leveler: Safe and productive loading/unloading where the dock ramp meets the trailer
  • Vehicle Restraint:  Protect against truck drivers pulling away unexpectedly in high speed environments with vehicle restraint compatibility
  • Power:  Solar powered dock leveler option – no access to a building or power source is needed to operate (click the image below for more info)


How We Can Help:  We engineer & manufacture industrial grade modular loading dock ramps that can be shipped to any location and quickly set up for loading and unloading trailers in <2 hours (crane offloading & set up video).  Our modular loading solutions have been deployed for emergency response and quick stand-up infrastructure by FEMA (FEMA solar loading dock video), the U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Army. (Dockzilla Co. is listed as Leum Engineering, Inc. in federal procurement databases.)

  • Quick Set Up: 2-man set up, off-load by crane and set into place – use same day
  • OSHA Compliant: Protect people & loads with OSHA-required wheel chocks, personnel handrails, and tall solid side curbs, as well as vehicle restraints
  • Modularity: Removable & relocatable – use today for emergency set ups & in the future for added capacity

Quick-Response Modular Loading Solutions:  We can provide loading dock ramps or platform models with unlimited dock positions

  • Portable Loading Dock:  This complete, self-standing loading dock helps forklifts safely and quickly load/unload trailers anywhere; can include solar powered leveler 
  • Mobile Loading Dock: easily maneuvers into place by a forklift so you can meet trailers wherever they arrive, and move the dock to other locations daily
  • Cross Dock Platforms:  Sort and distribute supplies quickly from inbound to outbound freight; create fast response loading “hubs” in any geographic area

Our engineers are on standby to answer questions:  Call Us: 1-800-637-3036; Email Us: [email protected]