Dockzilla on “Manufacturing Marvels®” on Fox Business Network® - Dockzilla

Dockzilla on “Manufacturing Marvels®” on Fox Business Network®

Dockzilla hit the airwaves this week with two “Manufacturing Marvels®” appearances on The Fox Business Network®.

Like proud parents, we watched our portable and modular loading docks evolve from steel structural frames into mighty workhorses.  In just two minutes, the segment producers captured our passion for engineering and manufacturing modern loading dock equipment.  This “relentlessly-inventive” approach differentiates Dockzilla from commodity forklift loading ramps and traditional concrete construction in many ways:

  • Manufacturing in the USA with domestically-sourced high strength steel
  • Designing steel equipment per OSHA and IBC architectural safety standards
  • Delivering velocity and flexibility for fast-paced E-commerce distribution and 3PL operations
  • Impacting the bottom line for manufacturers by reducing energy loss and outside contaminants via the loading dock, etc.

We’re psyched to be at the forefront of unleashing loading docks from the confines of concrete, and we’re proud to be recognized as a Manufacturing Marvel.