Safety: Modular Loading Platforms from Dockzilla


Engineering to eliminate common loading challenges is the foundation of Dockzilla’s design philosophy.  Our modular platforms are built with the structural integrity needed to withstand the rigors of daily loading, and to help organizations stand up a modular solution that functions just like a bricks & mortar facility.  With years of experience applying OSHA standards and International Building Codes to conventional loading dock designs, we created a line of modern loading dock solutions that incorporate these architectural standards into high strength steel loading dock equipment.

Safety Comes Standard

Safeguard Employees

When using our pre-fabricated platforms to support loading operations, you can rest assured they’re built with safety protocols in mind to protect employees on the job:

  • Pedestrian Guardrails per IBC Code 1013.2
  • Handrails per OSHA Code 1910.23 (c)(1 &2)
  • Vehicle Restraint Compatibility per OSHA 1910.178(k)
  • Safety Signage for Employee/Driver Communication
Dockzilla Self Standing Platform Ramp 2 Finished 01

Self-Supported Design

The industrial grade, self-standing design enables these versatile platforms to mimic the performance and integrity of a permanent concrete loading dock or bricks & mortar building, in a relocatable and reconfigurable unit.

  • Architecturally-engineered as self-standing steel structures.
  • Dock positions are built to absorb trailer impact forces.
  • Solid girders with a “z” shape creates a stronger connection between side beams

Provide Shelter

Full or partial vinyl coverings and structures can be added to any loading dock platform to shield employees from the sun and inclement weather.

  • Extend the roof with a canopy that covers our building expansion platform.
  • Add some shade to your loading dock platform with a canopy over the top.
  • Fully enclose a cross docking platform with a vinyl structure to create a modular warehouse.
Dockzilla Cheesegrater

Special Surfaces

We can accommodate any loading operation with special surfaces that allow forklifts, hand carts, pallet jacks, etc. to maneuver easily.

  • Tailor the platform’s surface to your loading needs.
  • Bar grating prevents rain, snow and ice accumulation.
  • Special traction surfaces reduce employee tripping.

Smart Features

Whether your platform is used as an extension of your facility or to add shipping capacity in a remote location, Dockzilla’s designs these structures with special features that help boost velocity and efficiency, while eliminating cumbersome safety hazards.

  • Simple push button operation for hydraulic dock levelers.
  • Solar-powered dock leveler option for remote locations set up away from a facility’s power source.
  • Access ramps to accommodate forklift traffic and stairs for employees.


relocate power strip

Dockzilla self-standing loading dock platforms make it possible to expand loading and shipping capabilities at any facility without any construction delays or permanent change to the building.

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Enhance distribution and logistics with a freestanding distribution platform. Build a full-featured facility anywhere you need it, without the costs and delays associated with construction.

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