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Loading Dock Platforms – Building Expansion

Dockzilla self-standing loading dock platforms make it possible to expand loading and shipping capabilities at any facility without any construction delays or permanent change to the building. These heavy steel platforms are installed on the exterior of a building to retrofit existing grade level or dock height doors. Our engineers can configure the best solution for your application with key features including hydraulic or manual loading dock levelers or dock plates, dock lights, safety vent doors, and dock shelters to protect employees and loads from the elements. Each dock position can be installed in a half day.


The Dock House, also called a load house, provides facilities with robust, yet removable loading docks by integrating the following:

  • Heavy-steel structural frame
  • Wall-mounted dock leveler
  • Trailer restraint
  • Environmentally-sealed interior door

Add More Loading Positions at a Facility Without Construction

  • Add Shipping Capacity:  Turn one dock door into more dock positions like a power strip
  • 100% Modular:  Reconfigure your loading dock platform as needed
  • Preserve Inside Floor Space: Create storage capacity outside for added space on the inside
  • Add pedestrian walk ramps: for distribution & last mile fulfillment operations




At-Building Loading Platform
Product Specs - Customized Per Application
Self-Supported Heavy Steel StructureX
Anchored to Resist Trailer Impact ForceX
Width: 8' long x 12' / 24' / 36' wide (standard)X
Height: 48″ – StandardX
Capacity: 15,000 lb. / 30,000 lb. X
Handrails above 30” per IBC 1013.2X
Handrails on 48” platform per OSHA 1910.23(c)(1) X
Wheel Chocks per OSHA 1910.178(k)X
Common Configurations
Expand Shipping Capacity - Adding Dock PositionsPower Strip Platform
Pier or Finger Dock Platform
Shipping or Storage Capacity Platform
Load Trailers At or Away From a FacilityUnlimited Dock Position Platform
High Traction Deck SurfaceX
Open Bar Grating X
Replacable Bar GratingX
Treaded Deck Plate (for hand cart or pallet jack loading) - OptionX
Add: Self-Supported Dock Levelers
Mechanical EOD (2′ L x 72″ W) X
Hydraulic Leveler (4′ L x 83″ W) X
Hydraulic Leveler (8′ L x 83″ W) X
115v/1 ph for levelers, dock lights, restraints etc.X
Solar Power dock leveler operation for remote loading - Option
Add: Forklift or Pedestrian Access Ramps
Forklift Access Ramp - OSHA/IBC compliantX
Pedestrian Hand Cart Walk Ramp - OSHA/IBC compliantX
Add: Canopy/Enclosure for Modular Warehouse
Vinyl canopy for protection from sun exposureX
Wind-proof enclosure structure surrounds entire platformX
Add: Options
Safety DoorsX
Trailer RestraintX
Dock Safety BarrierX


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