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Logistics & Distribution Platforms

Dockzilla’s modular loading dock platforms are self–standing steel structures that can turn any property into a logistics and distribution center without the investment in a new building or expansion.  DZ engineers custom loading platform configurations – from two position cross docks to 100 position high speed distribution centers. Using these modular, high speed logistics loading platforms, goods are unloaded by handcarts, pallet jacks, or forklifts, then sorted and transferred to outbound trailers for distribution to their final destination.  Just like a brick & mortar distribution center, these freestanding loading platforms can include high capacity dock levelers, vehicle restraints, forklift ramps, and vinyl enclosures for a complete modular warehouse that can be reconfigured or relocated.

Customize Your Loading Dock Platform





 Distribution PlatformModular WarehouseAt-Building Loading Platform
Product Specs - Customized Per Application
Self-Supported Heavy Steel StructureXXX
Anchored to Resist Trailer Impact ForceXXX
Width: 8' long x 12' / 24' / 36' wide (standard)XXX
Height: 48″ – StandardXXX
Capacity: 15,000 lb. / 30,000 lb. XXX
Handrails above 30” per IBC 1013.2XXX
Handrails on 48” platform per OSHA 1910.23(c)(1) XXX
Wheel Chocks per OSHA 1910.178(k)XXX
Common ConfigurationsX
Loading Away from a Building (1-100+ dock positions)Cross DockingPartial Enclosure
High Speed DistributionFull Enclosure
Hub & Spoke Logistics
Expand Shipping Capacity at the Building (e.g., turn 1 dock door into 5 positions)Power Strip Platform
Finger Dock Platform
Capacity Platform
High Traction Deck SurfaceXXX
Open Bar Grating XXX
Replacable Bar GratingXXX
Treaded Deck Plate (for hand cart or pallet jack loading) - OptionXXX
Add: Self-Supported Dock Levelers
Mechanical EOD (2′ L x 72″ W) XXX
Hydraulic Leveler (4′ L x 83″ W) XXX
Hydraulic Leveler (8′ L x 83″ W) XXX
115v/1 ph for levelers, dock lights, restraints etc.XXX
Solar Power dock leveler operation for remote loading - OptionXXX
Add: Forklift or Pedestrian Access Ramps
Forklift Access Ramp - OSHA/IBC compliantXXX
Pedestrian Hand Cart Walk Ramp - OSHA/IBC compliantXXX
Add: Canopy/Enclosure for Modular Warehouse
Vinyl canopy for protection from sun exposureXXX
Wind-proof enclosure structure surrounds entire platformXXX
Add: Options
Safety DoorXX
Trailer RestraintXXX
Dock Safety BarrierXXX


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