The Struggle is Real: The Smartest Way to Access Trailers with a Forklift

The Struggle is Real: The Smartest Way to Access Trailers with a Forklift

In situations where there is no dedicated dock entrance, getting freight loaded and unloaded can became a real drag on time and resources. Obtaining forklift access into trailers can significantly improve loading/unloading productivity – up to 80% faster than loading/unloading by hand.

Getting forklifts into trailers is waaaayyyyyy easier than it sounds (see photo). In fact, Dockzilla Mobile Loading Ramps and Docks can be easily wheeled up to the trailer – anytime, anywhere. They allow for quick optimization of every job for forklift ramp accessibility. These heavy steel, yet easily maneuverable mobile forklift ramps provide immediate, safe trailer access. These features allow your team to turn a loading hassle into a turn-key loading operation.

For growing businesses in search of larger facilities or warehouses to accommodate their needs, Dockzilla products are ideal solutions. Here are some of the most common loading scenarios that are outsmarted with Dockzilla mobile dock ramp solution:

Dockzilla loading ramps are ideal for use with forklifts and trailers.

  • Many facilities provide ideal office environments inside, yet offer inadequate docking space outside which can bottleneck your bottomline. Mobile loading docks and ramps allow you to make the most of the space available. First, a truck enters the loading area and maneuvers into position. Then, a forklift can move the flexible mobile ramp into position for unloading.
  • Getting heavy forklift loads up a ramp can require extreme finesse. Dockzilla mobile loading docks and ramps give forklift operators a better experience with tall safety sidecurbs, and handrails that exceed OSHA requirement for concrete ramp structures (1910.23(c)(1) and (c)(2)) and make it easier to navigate when you can’t see over the top of a load.
  • When loading directly from the ground into a trailer, there is often the concern that a ramp might become detached from the trailer during loading operation. Dockzilla ramps mitigate against this possibility with emergency fall protection designs featuring self-standing front legs (mobile dock) or a patented “hydraulic leg system” (mobile ramp) and wheel chocks that ensure a steadfast loading experience. This means that, even when using it as a forklift ramp, you have maximum stability.


For any business, loading efficiency is vital to success, and loading/unloading should not be a daily Tetris match. With Dockzilla mobile loading ramps, simply prep the ramp to move, enlist your forklift, and quickly pivot to a new location. Finally, This will free up valuable time and resources, so you can focus on running your business.