Be Ready for Anything: Versatile Loading and Logistics Solutions

Be Ready for Anything: Versatile Loading and Logistics Solutions


In the fast-paced world of expedited shipments and last-mile deliveries, loading and logistics needs are in perpetual motion. The requirements of today may not match the ones of tomorrow. This is why many companies are transitioning away from the limitations of permanent loading docks and turning to more versatile solutions — ones that can address current challenges and evolve over time.

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Varying Vehicle Heights

As last-mile order fulfillment needs continue to skyrocket, companies are now seeing a range of vehicle styles and heights arriving at their loading docks. One minute you could be unloading a standard 53’ OTR trailer, and then loading a much shorter delivery van the next. The solution: A Universal Height Ramp that can be adjusted to raise any vehicle to dock height.

Retrofitting your dock door with an adjustable ramp enables you easily service vehicles of all sizes from the same dock location. Dockzilla’s patented design uses a hydraulic system to lift short vans, box trucks, pup trailers, and more up to dock height, making for easy and ergonomic unloading/loading without the need to add extra dock positions.

Property Limitations

When a company’s shipping and receiving capabilities are being hampered by their property’s space constraints, making costly and permanent changes to the facility may not be ideal.  This was the case with Nordik Meats, a Southwestern Wisconsin processing resource for regional beef and pork producers. The company had moved into a new facility that was equipped for growth, but not for conventional loading operations.

To make do, Nordik Meats’ staff members were relying on the flexibility of their liftgate trailer when unloading trailers. Incoming loads were transferred between trailers and onto the powered liftgate, which then lowered the goods to the ground.  Employees would haul these loads into the building using pallet jacks. To expedite this time-consuming process, incorporate safety measures for employees, and maximize their existing property, Nordik Meats deployed Dockzilla for a solar-powered portable lift loading dock.

Nordik evening shot
Dockzilla’s portable lift loading dock gave Nordik Meats conventional loading dock capabilities in a tight space. As the company’s business evolves, it can relocate the dock as needed.

Positioned just outside the entrance door, the heavy-steel, self-standing lift dock makes it possible for Nordik Meats to service incoming trailers of varying heights by easily raising or lowering the lift table. The compact dock configuration was a perfect fit for the facility’s space, and it can be relocated when needed as the company’s operational needs evolve, giving Nordik Meats a “permanent-quality” solution without the permanence of concrete construction.

Dockzilla’s dock configuration is equipped with solar power, so it can be easily raised and lowered without relying on power from the facility to operate this free-standing equipment.

The key to our expansion strategy is being able to adapt our operations and facilities to meet demand. We turned to Dockzilla to stand up an all-inclusive steel loading dock so we could focus on growing our business and serving our customers without making changes to our building.
Ross Williams, General Manager, Nordik Meats

Adding Capacity Anywhere

When no two days are alike, your materials handling needs may be in constant flux. Perhaps the number of trucks coming into your facility are exceeding your available dock doors. Maybe you’re producing and shipping more product than ever before. Or let’s say you’re working at a temporary job site, without a way to unload raw materials.

Having a mobile loading dock — one that can be easily moved around by a forklift to meet trailers wherever they arrive — can be a game changer. Dockzilla’s mobile loading docks are equipped with unique engagement features that can be handled by a single forklift and operator. The unit features adjustable front legs to quickly adapt to trailers of varying bed heights.

Simply put, a mobile loading dock is a highly versatile loading option that offers the safety and productivity of a concrete dock, without the commitment. It can be repositioned daily to give you a loading dock wherever needed. Dockzilla’s mobile loading docks can be solar powered, too, allowing you to station them anywhere.

Modify and Reconfigure

It can be hard to predict what your operations will look like next year, or even next month. But since you can’t expand or reconfigure your facility at the snap of a finger, you need a solution that can fit your needs both today and tomorrow. This is where Dockzilla’s modular loading dock platforms can help.

With Dockzilla modular loading platforms you can expand one dock door into multiple dock positions, or set up a self-standing cross dock to transfer shipments between trailers on-site or even at a remote location. These 100% modular platforms can be configured to fit almost any need — and you can add or remove sections as your operations evolve.

Modern Logistics at the Speed of Business

Successful companies are modernizing loading dock operations to meet critical deadlines and the needs of their customers and we’re here to help you do the same. Get in touch with one of our engineers to discover how we can help you harness better efficiency with versatile and adaptable loading dock solutions from Dockzilla.

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