BATTLEBOTS® Production Site Glitch Is No Match For Dockzilla

BATTLEBOTS® Production Site Glitch Is No Match For Dockzilla


As a platinum sponsor of the 6th season of BATTLEBOTS®, the world’s premier robot fighting competition, Dockzilla was all-in before taping got underway in Las Vegas. As the show’s production crew was gearing up to welcome hundreds of Bot Builders from around the world, they discovered a potential show-stopper at their pop-up production site.

Prior excavation on this property had created a two-ft. height discrepancy and rocky terrain along the path between their buildings. This uneven grading meant that it would be extremely challenging for the Bot Builders to safely roll their heavy, prized Bots back and forth between the onsite facilities and the renowned BattleBox.

The production crew reached out to Dockzilla for a modular loading dock ramp solution to tackle the issue. The company’s engineers delivered a customized “Bot” ramp that provided a smooth transition between the property’s higher and lower elevations.

Dockzilla tweaked its modular fulfillment ramp design to give BattleBots the transition needed for Bot Builders to traverse freely.  Press “play” to see the epic drama unfold. 

“Dockzilla swooped in and saved the day with a prolific self-supported ramp that solved a major barrier for our show production,” says Greg Munson, Executive Producer and Co-Founder, BattleBots® Inc. “Their modular ramp concept is ideal for our industry because we can deploy it again in the future without investing in a permanent fix for a short-term need.”

Designed to OSHA and IBC building codes, Dockzilla’s high strength steel ramp was pre-engineered and pre-fabricated with a transition plate to guide the Bot carts onto the ramp with ease, as well as:

  • handrails to protect people and Bots on the move
  • extra-tall side curbs to ensure the Bot carts stayed the course
  • non-slip traction grating to safely guide Bot Builders on their way

Dockzilla’s founder and avid BATTLEBOTS fan vowed to solve the problem that was threatening to hinder the BattleBox action. “We trouble-shoot property-related issues like uneven grading or ill-placed drainage for our customers all the time,” says Grant Leum, the company’s chief engineer. “The beauty of modularity is that it’s easier to configure an elevated solution without needing excavation or pouring concrete.”

Ironically, Dockzilla’s Bot ramp solution made it possible for the Bots to proceed undeterred to the BattleBox for a battle to the death. Catch the action in the new season of BATTLEBOTS now airing on Discovery, Thursdays at 8 PM ET/PT.

“We have mad respect for the innovative and dedicated Bot Builders,” adds Leum, who holds 40+ patents in loading and logistics equipment design. “People have no idea the level of focus, grit and ingenuity it takes to design a champion.”

“The Bot ramp is a thing of beauty. Thank you again,” said Mike Magaña, a line producer for the show.