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Dockzilla Dock House is a Loading Dock Game-Changer

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As the last of the big game trucks head out of town, there’s something super still brewing in Minnesota as Dockzilla Co. rolls out the Dock House. A popular concept amongst European manufacturers for years, the modular, detachable Dock House is the only loading dock design in the U.S. that maximizes energy efficiency and preserves a building’s interior floor space.


Bolted to a building’s exterior to save thousands of sq. ft. on the inside, these units integrate a load house full of components, including a wall-mounted dock leveler, envionmentally-sealed interior door, and trailer restraint in a heavy-steel structural frame. Already in use at top U.S. automotive and consumer products manufacturing facilities, the Dock House is attracting companies who want to install loading docks quickly without losing floor space to the demolition of traditional pit-style construction.


The DZ Dock Houses, also called load houses, can transform any existing facility or spec building into a thriving shipping operation. When specified into new construction projects, the Dock House can significantly reduce the footprint typically needed to construct concrete loading docks. Dock House delivers ROI based on several key design advantages:

  • Exterior Installation:  preserves valuable interior floor space/taxable sq. footage
  • Thermal Benefits:  environmentally-sealed door maximizes energy efficiency
  • Environmental:  door seal reduces interior concrete dust and contamination
  • Limited Entry:  fewer openings minimize theft, debris, and rodent access
  • Depreciation:  modular unit depreciates as equipment vs. capital expense
  • Quick Installation:  complete loading dock in 2-3 days; faster than construction


Modular Dock Houses provide thermal insulation ideal for temperature-controlled warehouses and distribution centers. Designed to seal out unwanted dust, debris, and insects that can find their way into a facility, Dock Houses have also gained traction with food processing and other companies which keep a close eye on contaminants.