Fast & Easy: Last Mile Ramps from Dockzilla


We understand how crucial it is for businesses to respond swiftly to changing shipping and receiving needs and increased multi cycle operations. That’s why we developed our lineup of last mile lift ramps that can make any facility’s existing dock doors viable for vehicles of any height without construction, in just a matter of weeks.



Work Directly With an Engineer

Our architectural engineers have extensive experience with building codes and dock height limitations. From our patented hydraulic lift ramps to less complex models, Team DZ will configure a modular loading setup to make your building work harder for your loading operation by:

  • Assessing any facility or property constraints
  • Understanding your goals and specific loading application
  • Sharing real-time images and potential configurations via a proprietary online tour
UHR Install

No Construction Needed

Move faster than building expansion or new dock construction will allow. Our last mile delivery ramps will retrofit your existing dock doors to allow efficient loading of both short delivery vehicles or 53’ trailers at the same dock door.

  • Delivered and installed at existing dock doors in a few weeks
  • No construction, custom-built to door measurements
  • No need to add separate dock positions for small delivery vehicles

Accelerate Loading Operations

Expedite operations with features that create efficiencies and eliminate redundancies.

  • LED lighting enables 24/7 loading
  • Hydraulically powered height adjustment to expedite loading/unloading
  • Service 53’ trailers, pups, & short vehicles at the same dock
  • Ergonomic to avoid loading/unloading redundancies
  • Custom-engineered to dock & and vehicle dimensions
  • Smoother loading transition from building to vehicle



Parcel Dock Ramp
Add static ramps that position delivery vans at dock height upon arrival for expedited loading of parcel and small packages. Ideal for loading fleet vehicles, these ramps eliminate loading redundancies and ergonomic issues.

  • Retrofit any facility to service delivery vans and couriers
  • Cost efficient fixed design for consistent vehicle heights
  • Easy vehicle access accelerates manual loading process
  • Expedites last mile parcel deliveries to the end customer
  • Enhances ergonomic efficiencies and employee safety
  • Optional LED lighting creates visible runway

Universal Height Ramp
Add universal height ramps to raise short last mile delivery vehicles to dock height. A safety standard at top auto makers and logistics companies, these ramps accelerate multi cycle operations with ergonomic and efficient loading.

  • Patented universal design eliminates the need to add docks
  • Service 53′ trailers & short vehicles at same dock
  • Hydraulically powered height adjustment speeds efficiency
  • Simple push button to raise & lower vehicles of varying height
  • Enhances ergonomic efficiencies and employee safety
  • Integral LED lighting for safer 24/7 operations

Rear Axle Riser Ramp
Add lift ramps that raise and lower the rear axles of short delivery vehicles to dock height as needed. Create a more ergonomic loading process when smaller vans arrive in between standard OTR deliveries.

  • Ideal for operations that occasionally unload small vehicles
  • Universal design services 53′ trailers & short vehicles at same dock
  • Hydraulically powered height adjustment speeds efficiency
  • Simple push button to raise & lower rear axles
  • Enhances ergonomic efficiencies and employee safety
  • Optional LED lighting for safer 24/7 operations

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Dockzilla loading docks, ramps, and platforms can transform any property to improve operational efficiency. Get in touch with our expert engineers to learn how to quickly add flexible loading capacity, without compromising safety and durability.

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