We need to unload boxcars - Dockzilla

You need safety barriers to prevent personnel/forklift falls into rail dock.

No company should be vulnerable to preventable workplace falls. Dockshield® Removable Forklift Barriers provide relentless personnel and forklift fall protection at loading docks, on rail sidings, and around equipment. These 10 ft. long barrier units are installed into embedded floor sleeves that create solid ground support by transferring load impact forces to the concrete.

Your forklift operators need to easily remove barriers to load boxcars without stepping off their equipment.

One of the biggest safety concerns in any industrial setting is pedestrian traffic. Dockshield removable safety barriers feature integral fork pockets so forklifts can easily lift, remove, and stack these high impact steel protection systems. The operator remains in the lift at all times.  These 10 ft. long safety barriers offer robust personnel protection via 3 built-in personnel and equipment guardrails at 42”, 27″, 12”.  

You need a steadfast bridge between railcar and building floor.

Our custom-engineered portable railboards bridge the gap between boxcar and building floor for a stable pathway during intense daily forklift traffic. Built for varying boxcar sizes and load capacities, these rail dock plates are self-locking and specially-designed to make 90-degree forklift turns easier (even in reverse), avoid forklift tipping, and deliver a smooth transition in and out of the railcar.

You need to preserve costly forklift tires and improve forklift operator confidence.

Navigating heavy loads in and out of dimly-lit boxcars can take a toll on forklift operators and their equipment. That’s why our bright yellow high visibility rail board dock plates feature recessed side curbs for smoother trips in and out of boxcars, and a 3-sided lip chamfer protects costly forklift tires from damage when making 90 degree turns.

Your forklifts need to load boxcars with extremely heavy freight, such as paper rolls.

Dockzilla portable railboards or dock boards are manufactured for high-capacity forklifts and their extreme loads. These custom-built heavy-steel dockboards make it easy for forklifts to position and remove, and they feature a self-locking D-Ring assembly that holds steadfast when traversed by forklifts, despite load size.

You need to unload boxcars in the work yard and not at the rail dock.

When boxcars need to be unloaded in the work yard, Dockzilla mobile rail yard docks make it easier to unload freight and transfer to trucks for the final leg of the journey. These rail freight loading ramps help expedite the intermodal shipping process and are built to accommodate wide boxcar doors and heavy freight.