You’re leasing a facility and need ramp access from building to ground.

Dockzilla Dock to Ground Ramps eliminate the need for costly build-outs and construction so businesses can be move-in ready. These forklift ramps are built to fit the width of your dock door and provide access from inside the building to the exterior. And, they’re easily removable so you don’t have to pay for demolition when your lease ends.

You moved to a new facility and need a different loading configuration.

When a glitch at the loading dock dampers your traditional loading operations, Dockzilla heavy-steel loading docks and ramps can help you hit the ground running. Portable Loading Docks and Dock Houses will manhandle high capacity loading, while dock to ground and mobile yard ramps will provide building/trailer access.

We need to ship online orders more quickly.

Fuel your customers’ needs for instant gratification with Dockzilla. Our parcel dock ramps elevate delivery vans to building level so you can get orders on the road in no-time. Cross dock platforms will improve retail incoming/outgoing distribution.

You need a comprehensive loading dock that maximizes interior floor space.

DZ dock houses eliminate the need to “cut away” from your building’s existing floor space to construct a loading dock. Instead, these modular affixed units are bolted to your building’s exterior, saving you hundreds of square feet and thousands of dollars.

You need to modernize an obsolete building.

Dockzilla’s line of heavy-steel, portable docks, ramps, and platforms transform languishing commercial buildings into thriving shipping facilities. Our Riveted series eliminates the need for pit-style construction that destroys interior space and provides substantial savings with energy efficiency and taxable real estate. All Dockzilla products arrive complete with impressive safety features in around 8 weeks.