We need to eliminate unsafe loading practices - Dockzilla

We need to stop the practice of manual loading/unloading.

Dockzilla engineers pre-meditate common loading hazards and design portable and mobile loading docks to limit hazardous employee involvement. Dockzilla portable and mobile loading docks do away with “manual pumping” of hydraulics to position the forklift ramp, and forklifts can easily engage the ramp using “both forks” without the driver leaving his seat.

We need to adopt better safety measures at the worksite.

Dockzilla heavy-steel portable and mobile loading docks are built architecturally-complete with features that OSHA requires of conventional concrete loading docks. With Dockzilla, you’re able to let the forklift do heavy lifting while built-in handrails, personnel guard rails, extra tall side curbs and other features protect employees and forklift loads.

We need better ergonomics to increase productivity.

Dockzilla ramps provide forklift access from the ground to building floor and help reduce loading redundancies. Parcel dock ramps accommodate the lower trailer bed heights of expediting vans and trucks. Mobile loading docks and yard ramps include custom-designed solid safety wheels for easy maneuvering into place by a forklift. When the job is finished, the mobile docks are easily moved again for storage or to tackle a loading job elsewhere on property.

You need single-operator ramps to maximize employee efficiency.

Dockzilla allows your team to do more, with fewer employees by tapping the power of the forklift. Our mobile loading dock automates some of the most time-intensive loading jobs such as manual hydraulic pumping and manual kingpin engagement of the forklift. With Dockzilla, one employee on a forklift can accomplish what used to require several employees with manual carts and dollies.

You’ve been using a homemade ramp option to access trailers.

When the rigors of daily loading operations challenge safety, the Dockzilla ramp lineup significantly increases the ROI of a homemade or catalog-purchased ramp. Our Workhorse Series provides significant safety and productivity advancements at competitive pricing that includes a 5-year warranty.