You’re hoping to avoid costly concrete construction/demolition.

In the months it takes to design, construct, and inspect a $100,000+ concrete loading dock investment, a Dockzilla portable loading dock can dig in to help load hundreds of trailers. Within weeks, our modular alternative to permanent loading dock construction transforms any area into a productive material handling space.

You’re planning a warehouse expansion and need to relocate the docks.

Our products deliver concrete results without being permanent – your Dockzilla can be moved to the next jobsite when the initial job is done. From modular office spaces to modular loading docks, our portable, relocatable equipment moves with you and your business, saving you thousands.

Your property requires mobility for high capacity loading.

Dockzilla mobile loading docks combine modular mobility with superior strength to support high volume loading operations. These highly intuitive loading docks are ideal for companies that require forklift ramp mobility due to property size, or for those who want to load and unload virtually anywhere on a property.

You need a productive loading operation in an urban facility.

Select the best building to support your business strategy without letting a lackluster loading dock dictate the deal. Dockzilla’s line of portable loading docks make it possible to create loading areas anywhere on a property and can be reconfigured when business priorities change.