Dockzilla helps you create more loading capacity.

Dockzilla offers the mother lode of portable loading dock products to expand your loading capacity. Have property limitations? Our variety of stationary, mobile, and specialty dock and ramp configurations can make any situation work, with minimal installation requirements. Oh, and all Dockzilla products report for duty more quickly than concrete dock construction – arriving in 6-8 weeks.

Your facility doesn’t have a loading dock.

A fully functional Dockzilla can be delivered to your facility in 8 short weeks. Our portable loading docks arrive complete with impressive safety standards and require little to no installation, allowing you to hit the ground running with your loading operations.

With Dockzilla, you can unload trailers during construction.

Facility construction or renovation shouldn’t halt your shipping and receiving logistics. Dockzilla portable loading docks can be positioned to load/unload trailers during your project. For split-second loading flexibility, Mobile Loading Docks are maneuverable via forklift to unload trailers whereever they can find space to offload. We’re not just a short-term solution though – use your loading dock elsewhere at your facility when construction is over.

We need a comprehensive loading dock that doesn’t take up floor space.

The DZ Dock House is a comprehensive portable loading dock that integrates several components to maximize efficiency and avoid loss of interior floor space. From our Riveted Series, these modular loading docks are installed in just 2-3 days and are bolted to the building to preserve about 100 square feet of floor space.

You need to quickly build a shipping infrastructure.

For retailers who feel like they need to play catch up in order to compete, there’s time to gain velocity and create a thriving shipping operation in a shortened timeframe. Dockzilla cross dock platforms and other modular loading configurations can report for duty in less than 8 weeks, with minimal installation requirements. If your business needs change, you can set up your platform or portable loading dock to the other side of your building, or relocate to an entire new facility, with little hassle.