We need a loading dock ASAP - Dockzilla

Portable Loading Dock

Our most popular model, the Dockzilla Portable Loading Dock is in stock and ready to ship. It’s the ultimate loading dock hybrid, combining the strength of conventional concrete docks and remote loading capabilities of yard ramps.  When your contractor recommends digging a pit 4 ft. deep for concrete loading dock construction, this unit serves as an above ground structurally sound loading dock with no construction.

Mobile Loading Dock

When property space is limited by size or environmental challenges that curb trailer loading and unloading, Dockzilla’s Mobile Loading Dock is a mobile yard ramp in beast mode.  It’s an employee and safety manager’s dream at the job site, designed to eliminate hazards of remote loading, featuring no manual pumping to engage the ramp and automatic wheel placement.  Solid never-flat tires and an OSHA safety package is included to gain velocity anywhere, like urban last mile fulfillment centers or in the parking lot of a vacant shopping center.

Adjustable Height Loading Dock

In-stock and ready to ship, the Dockzilla Adjustable Height Loading Dock is ideal when you need the integrity of a portable loading dock with the ability to easily adjust leg height to accommodate varying trailer bed heights.  This heavy steel, self standing structure enables loading at leased facilities or for adding capacity away from your building.  It’s patented design absorbs the impact of daily load impact force without sliding or putting forklift operators at risk.

Dock to Ground Access Ramp

When you need to get forklifts or vehicles in and out of your building, Dock to Ground Ramps provide door to grade level access.  Dockzilla vehicle and forklift access ramps are the only design to feature adjustable front legs vs. a lip that precariously sits on the edge of the dock floor.  Pedestrian handrails, extra tall side curbs that are a solid design for no-snagging, and bolt-down base plates complete this complete industrial building ramp package.  In-stock and ready to ship.

Other Dockzilla designs ready within weeks.

While Dockzilla offers many units for immediate shipment, our engineers can assist with other loading solutions that may involve a customized approach based on the application.  Dockzilla Dock House delivers a sophisticated loading dock housed in a steel structure that mounts to the exterior of a building and relocates or reattaches when needed.  Dockzilla Loading Platforms (seen here) add loading capacity as a self standing extension or a building or in a remote loading environment.