We have unconventional loading needs - Dockzilla

Loading Oversized Freight

The Dockzilla wide load dock can easily handle oversized storage/moving boxes, automotive racks, and other extremely large freight. This unit features a standard 108” of “clear width” at the loading deck with set up outside trailer doors so there’s plenty of room to navigate awkward loads. Without the hindrances of narrower units, forklifts can easily maneuver in and out of the trailer to achieve 100% trailer cubing.

Limited Exterior Real Estate

Portable Loading Docks and Platforms are rockstars outside a facility and inside too. Interior loading docks and platforms are the go-to option for companies that cannot install outdoor loading docks due to environmental issues or property constraints.  If you have a grade level door, we can help you add a loading dock inside without any conventional construction.  And, we can integrate loading docks and cross dock platforms inside a shelter or tent for remote manufacturing, warehousing, or order fulfillment. 

Unload Trailers Anywhere

Dockzilla mobile loading docks combine superior strength and safety features with mobility to support high volume loading operations from just about anywhere on your property – yes, even the parking lot. These units are easily maneuvered into place by a forklift atop “never-flat” solid safety wheels. Because no one needs a flat tire when loading heavy products.

Offloading Industrial, Military or Farm Equipment

High-Capacity Implement Loading Docks make loading massive industrial, farm, or military equipment relatively simple. These units feature heavy steel construction with open bar grating for added traction. Some ramps are customized with replaceable, cost-effective wood decking due to the wear and tear of some implements, such as bulldozers.