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Repurpose Your Facility

Transform languishing commercial buildings into thriving shipping facilities

The Dockzilla portable loading dock or mobile loading dock ramp, allows businesses to add a yard ramp virtually anywhere and still experience the safety and performance capabilities of a permanent loading dock. Ideal for leased facilities or seasonal businesses, these freestanding forklift loading dock ramps also help manufacturers gain additional shipping capacity in existing buildings and can be relocated for other projects or if a business moves.

Our portable loading docks are thoughtfully-engineered with details that meet or exceed OSHA loading dock requirements and are pre-manufactured as a sturdy and safe loading dock complete with handrails, extra tall side curbs, wheel chocks, and many other features.

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See how we stack up:



Permanent Loading Dock

Dockzilla Portable Loading Dock

Design Consult with architects, contractors, city engineers, etc. for custom loading solutions Proven configurations of engineered to order as needed
Timing Months required for site plan, zoning, permits, and construction Standard designs in stock and custom arrive in 6-8 weeks
Installation Excavation and permanent concrete construction Minimal assembly. Concrete pad recommended for stationary units only
Safety May be code compliant or require modifications (OSHA/IBC) Built-in safety components (curbs, handrails, open grating, wheel chocks, chains)
Expense $30K to $100K+ (Concrete construction, retaining walls, drainage, architectural fees, permits, etc.) Starting at $15k for a functional loading dock


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