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Quickly Expand Loading Capacity

Dockzilla’s modular platforms allow you to quickly expand dock space, add more loading dock positions or start multi-position remote loading.

Expand Your Building’s Loading

Retrofit your facility within weeks:

  • Turn one dock door into multiple loading dock positions.
  • Add square feet for forklift maneuverability.
  • Maintain operations during permanent construction.
  • Repurpose set-up at another location when lease ends.

Add Freestanding Loading

Expand beyond a yard ramp or portable loading dock:

  • Add multiple dock positions without a building.
  • Start forklift loading to save time.
  • Install on asphalt or irregular lot–no concrete pad needed.
  • Relocate modular set-up as needed.

Expand Your Building

US Continental

Grade Level to Dock Height

Added dock height loading to grade-level building with indoor ramp connected to self-standing platforms inclusive of edge-of-dock levelers.

Relocate 24/7 Shipping & Receiving

Temporary warehouse with three loading docks on an irregular asphalt lot to maintain 24/7 shipping & receiving during construction. Read more

Amazon power strip

Turn One Dock Into More

“Power strip” concept was designed to leverage one dock door to add four covered dock positions—complete with levelers, doors and handrails.

Freestanding Distribution

Chep position

Mitigate Receiving Overflow

Freestanding platform with dock levelers for overflow capacity to ensure operations remain intact when permanent docks are busy.

Dockzilla Egg

Stand-Alone Cross Docking

Mid-mile transloading building with four loading docks allowed customer to quickly move product without it ever having to enter the warehouse.

Dockzilla built in building

Separate Material Handling

Disconnected material handling from the building for a hazardous waste company to mitigate safety concerns.


Talk to one of our engineers who can walk through your loading application and build a custom solution for you.

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