Expand Loading at Scale

Supersize your Loading capacity

Our team of engineers designs self-standing configurations to solve supply chain woes. Seamlessly add elevated square footage to a current facility or load nearly anywhere with a stand-alone solution.

Expand Your Building’s Loading

Retrofit your current facility:

  • Turn one dock door into multiple loading dock positions.
  • Maintain operations during permanent construction.
  • Streamline site selections with less building limitations.
  • Move asset to other locations when lease ends.

Add Freestanding Distribution

Distribution velocity wherever you need it:

  • 2-3Xs faster than permanent construction.
  • Accommodates irregular grading, can be installed on asphalt.
  • Minimize real estate investment & long-term leases.
  • Relocatable modular set-up.

Freestanding: Add Capacity Anywhere

Maersk Mod Warehouse

Expand First-Mile Operations

Increase capacity at scale and turn your parking lot into a loading hub. Dockzilla popped up a 48-position cross dock building at a California port. As needs changed, Dockzilla came back to add 12 more loading docks positions and a high-strength vinyl canopy. This was all made possible thanks to Dockzilla’s modular concept.


Faster Than Permanent Construction

Dockzilla’s solutions are ready 2-3Xs faster than permanent construction. When there were no viable facilities nearby or time for permanent construction, Dockzilla engineered a 36,000 sq ft cross dock building, including 60 loading docks, at the Port of Charleston for a 3PL customer. Read more


Peak Season Cross Dock

Need to test a market or quickly fill a supply chain gap? Dockzilla designed and installed a fully functional cross dock with 16 loading dock positions on a vacant asphalt lot to fill a mid-mile need during an e-commerce leader’s peak season. Read more

Building Expansion: Open During Construction


Connect Temporary Refrigerated Loading

Dockzilla’s fully enclosed building expansions can quickly become an integral part of your building. Dockzilla engineered and installed a temporary 7,376 sq. ft. forklift-ready refrigerated warehouse, with 10 loading docks, and connected it to a permanent building to maintain shipping & receiving operations during a loading dock construction project. Read more

Rochester Hospital with Truck

 Relocate 24/7 Shipping & Receiving

Permanent construction is sometimes a non-starter due to time and cost. Dockzilla stood up a temporary warehouse on an irregular asphalt lot to maintain 24/7 shipping & receiving for an entire hospital campus during long-term construction project. Read more


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