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If your facility is losing heat during colder months, the loading dock is a likely culprit.  The modular DZ Dock House attaches the dock leveler to the building’s exterior which seals in heat, unlike conventional pit leveler plates.  The Dock House saves thousands in annual HVAC costs, and can provide a thermal vestibule to protect frozen food, produce, and pharmaceuticals (or even evil serum) when loading refrigerated trailers. 

“Dock House Keeps Temperature-Controlled Serum Safe from Extinction”

Dock House is the only dock leveler that is bolted to a facility’s exterior, saving thousands in HVAC costs vs. conventional dock plates.

U.S. Exclusive:  Dock House Features

Add a Dock

Leveler in 1 Day


Vestibule for Loading Perishables

Secures Dock

Minimizes Theft

Modular Leveler

Removes & Relocates

Dock House vs. Pit Levelers

When a pit style dock leveler plate is installed inside a facility, the loading dock is vulnerable to enormous energy loss. These dock plates are made of extremely thin ¼” steel which lacks “R-value” (or thermal properties), which means they are unable to retain heat and it escapes to the outside. See our energy efficiency demo.

Energy Efficient Seal

Because it’s installed on the outside of a facility, the Dock House enables the interior loading dock door to close tightly on the building floor. This creates an ideal, insulating seal that is proven to help facilities save $2,500 or more on HVAC costs per year, per Dock House installed. Depending on the type of building and its interior heating/cooling system, the annual savings could be substantially greater.

Protect Perishables

The Dock House encases a dock leveler inside a canopy housing structure. Adding an exterior door creates a temperature-controlled vestibule, similar to a two-door air entrapment system on the front entrance of a building. This vestibule helps to maintain the temperature between building and refrigerated trailers, eliminating thermal shock to frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, and produce. When a vertical dock leveler is added, trucks back into the vestibule before the trailer doors are opened to prevent temperature fluctuations.

Modular & Movable

Dock House attaches the dock leveler to the outside of a facility, preserving 100 sq. ft. of valuable floor space on the inside, vs. pit levelers that carve out this space when installed.  At $50/sq. ft., you’ll save $5,000 off a building expansion footprint per Dock House. Plus, it only takes a day (not weeks) to attach the bolt-on Dock House, which can be removed or relocated when needed, or reattached after a building expansion. For more information, check out Dock House.


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