Retrofit - Dockzilla


  • Parcel dock ramps eliminate ergonomic issues involved when employees unload manually when a delivery vehicle arrives below dock height.
  • Mobile Yard Ramps can help you gain loading capacity at a loading dock door, in a parking lot, work yard, or elsewhere.
  • Wheel Risers also more of a simple fix to help raise trailer beds so they are level with, or above, dock height.
  • The Dock House is a more comprehensive loading dock that can help transform any spec or existing facility into a thriving shipping facility.

What To Look For

  • Improve Safety: Match trailer bed heights to loading dock floor for smooth operation regardless of trailer axle positions.
  • Employee Ergonomics: Avoid employee loading redundancies from having to unload trailers manually and then relocate the goods elsewhere on site.
  • Reduce Product Damage: Unloading trailers at or above dock eliminates interference from bumper and building floor that can cause damage to loads and impede forklifts.
  • Adjustability: Unique support design allows the height to be adjusted before or after installation. Decks easily span over drains allowing access and maintenance.
  • Repurposing: The ability to apply simple modifications to existing loading docks or add modular loading docks to the mix that are easily removed as business dictates.