Oversized - Dockzilla

From beer kegs to bulldozers, Dockzilla modular loading docks have tackled loading residential loading pods, dense paper rolls, lumber loads, automotive racking, and even military humvees. Our High-Capacity Implement Loading Docks, Extra Wide Loading Docks, or Portable Loading Docks are built for the demands of oversized loading.

What To Look For

  • Clear Width: measure the amount of “useable,” undeterred width of the loading deck for a forklift to maneuver, not just the total width that may be smaller
  • Loading Deck Setup: when the loading deck configuration allows for set up outside the trailer bed, there’s more room for the forklift to maneuver extreme loads
  • High-Capacity: gauge the ability for the loading dock ramp to handle loads that exceed 60,000 lbs.
  • Get Creative: when loading implements or heavy equipment, cheaper materials like wood decking can provide a smart replaceable, cost-effective option
  • Solid Wheels: “no-flat” wheels stay strong because it’s critical not to get a flat tire on a mobile ramp when handling extreme loads
  • Grated Traction: replaceable steel bar grating on ramps adds traction and helps to keep equipment from sliding backwards down the ramp during inclement weather