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We specialize in loading docks and platforms to add shipping capacity or unloading capabilities anywhere needed – in parking lots and remote locations. Please contact us at 1-800-637-3036 or We’re here to help.

From beer kegs to bulldozers, Dockzilla modular loading docks have tackled loading residential loading pods, dense paper rolls, lumber loads, automotive racking, and even military humvees. Our High-Capacity Implement Loading Docks, Extra Wide Loading Docks, or Portable Loading Docks are built for the demands of oversized loading.

What To Look For

  • Clear Width: measure the amount of “useable,” undeterred width of the loading deck for a forklift to maneuver, not just the total width that may be smaller
  • Loading Deck Setup: when the loading deck configuration allows for set up outside the trailer bed, there’s more room for the forklift to maneuver extreme loads
  • High-Capacity: gauge the ability for the loading dock ramp to handle loads that exceed 60,000 lbs.
  • Get Creative: when loading implements or heavy equipment, cheaper materials like wood decking can provide a smart replaceable, cost-effective option
  • Solid Wheels: “no-flat” wheels stay strong because it’s critical not to get a flat tire on a mobile ramp when handling extreme loads
  • Grated Traction: replaceable steel bar grating on ramps adds traction and helps to keep equipment from sliding backwards down the ramp during inclement weather