Mobile - Dockzilla

Providing the stability of a traditional loading dock in a heavy-steel configuration, Dockzilla mobile loading docks and mobile yard ramps can be easily positioned into place by a forklift. Our mobile yard ramp is the only product at the entry level price point capable of providing fall protection via a patented hydraulic leg system that automatically locks into place. And, the mobile loading dock is the most feature-rich portable loading dock on the market with special patents to eliminate unnecessary employee interaction.

What To Look For

  • Configurations: mobile docks and ramps are available for standard or high-volume loading, and with extra wide loading decks for large loads
  • Solid Wheels: solid “never-flat” safety wheels ensure you’ll never experience a hazardous flat time while maneuvering a heavy load
  • Safety Legs: self-standing or hydraulic front leg systems will hold a mobile forklift loading ramp steadfast should a trailer depart unexpectedly vs. only resting the lip of the ramp on the trailer which will crash to the ground
  • Employee Interaction: Limit tasks that require intense employee involvement, such as “manual pumping” to engage the unit by using forklift power
  • Handrails: In addition to helping forklifts navigate up loading ramps, handrails above 30” elevation (per OSHA) help ensure against falls when employees walk on the ramp
  • Safety Curbs: Tallest forklift ramp side curbs are 13” vs. skimpy 6” side curbs that lack adequate protection for forklifts navigating heavy loads