Leasing - Dockzilla


  • Dock to Ground Ramps provide access from building to ground
  • Mobile Yard Ramps offer building access and additional flexibility of wheels to load elsewhere on the property and relocate easily with a forklift
  • Adjustable Loading Docks has flexible front legs that can adjust to accommodate varying trailer heights.

Benefits For Tenants

  • Reduce downtime and hit the ground running in a new facility
  • Eliminate expense and hassle of permanent loading dock construction
  • Eliminate having to demolish your concrete dock investment when the lease ends
  • Configuration engineered for your loading operations and relocates with you

Benefits For Property Managers

  • Attract lessees or buyers with an impressive loading dock amenity
  • Tackle existing loading dock design issues without investing in new construction
  • Easily installed with minimal damage to your building
  • Create an additional revenue stream via ramp rental/lease agreement