Architects - Dockzilla

Loading dock design isn’t as difficult, as it is tricky. We are well-versed in common issues due to inferior dock design, drainage issues, slope, trailer heights, etc., and deploy a wide variety of configurations to tackle any problem, such as the Dock House, Dock to Ground Ramp, and Portable Loading Dock. Our architecturally-designed portable loading docks adhere to IBC and OSHA codes to mirror the integrity and safety of a conventional concrete loading dock. And, key elements such as handrails, side curbs, and wheel chocks are included so you won’t have to order more parts to get these units up to code.

Benefits of Dockzilla as a Loading Dock Resource

  • Arrive ready for duty within weeks – faster than concrete construction
  • Easy same-day no-concrete installation with job-critical features included
  • Architecturally-engineered with the integrity of concrete in a flexible model
  • Engineered to pre-meditate and usurp common loading dock hazards
  • Removable and replaceable so the customer can plan for next-phase expansion
  • Units relocate on a flatbed when moving to a new location