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Safely Load & Unload Short Vehicles at Conventional Height Loading Docks!

Dockzilla is the go-to for fully adjustable loading dock ramps to load and unload small parcel trucks, sprinter vans, and last-mile delivery vehicles. In fact, we are the patent holder for the “Z-Deck,” a universal hydraulic truck leveler (U.S. Patent #7670096), making it possible for shorter vehicles to be serviced at the same loading docks as OTR trailers. This means easy push-button operation to adjust the ramp height, and no need to add more docks at your facility.

Rise Up & Retrofit:

  • Safely load delivery vehicles, parcel vans, & drop-deck trailers
  • Load 53’ trailers & shorter vans at the same loading dock
  • Easy push-button hydraulic height adjustment
  • Retrofit any building quickly without construction

Loading a delivery vehicle that is too short for your loading dock is unsafe for employees, creates ergonomic issues, and risks delivery items becoming damaged. The stakes are too high to come up short at the loading dock – deploy Team Dockzilla engineers for a free consult and customized solution based on your vehicle heights and dimensions.

No matter what you’re shipping or where you want to load it, we’ve got your back. Because all Dockzilla loading docks, forklift loading ramps, and platforms are modular, we can help you work through any manufacturing, warehouse, or fulfillment scenario – from adding an assembly line in a parking lot, expanding on-demand capacity at a building with conventional loading docks, to creating pop-up tent warehouses for holiday order fulfillment.