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We specialize in loading docks and platforms to add shipping capacity or unloading capabilities anywhere needed – in parking lots and remote locations. Please contact us at 1-800-637-3036 or We’re here to help.

Dockzilla loading docks are built for longevity, to endure the daily impact from forklift loads and trailers, and to manhandle high-volume loading operations. Our Portable Loading Dock, Adjustable Height Loading Dock, Mobile Loading Dock, and other high-capacity equipment is ready to roll to keep up the pace of strenuous loading tasks.

What To Look For

  • High-Capacity: bump up capacity of your loading equipment to handle the increased frequency and impact of high-volume loading
  • Forklift Friendly Design: for confident forklift operators, ramps that include handrails, tall safety side curbs, traction, etc. translates to productivity
  • Safety Legs: loading docks and ramps with solid front safety legs are better able to hold steadfast when loading vs. ramps only attached by the front lip
  • Life-Span: well-built steel loading docks should deliver a 10 year life and beyond, and be able to accommodate hundreds of thousands of loading cycles with trailer impact
  • Warranty: companies that believe in their products will be confident in offering a 3-5 year warranty – anything less should raise questions about safety and longevity