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Dock to Ground Ramp

Our Dock to Ground Ramps help forklifts and vehicles gain access into industrial or spec facilities at dock high doors. These high strength steel forklift loading ramps are as strong as conventional concrete, yet can be removed and relocated.

Mobile Yard Ramp

The Dockzilla Mobile Yard Ramp is the only forklift ramp at the entry-level price point that is built to avoid collapse. Unlike commodity ramps that are supported only by a trailer bed or building floor, this forklift loading ramp features a hydraulic leg system to 1) lock the unit into place should a trailer depart unexpectedly, and 2) brace the unit should a forklift inadvertently clip the ramp from inside the building.

Adjustable Height Loading Dock

These modular loading docks are designed to absorb the rigors of daily trailer impact forces with the flexibility to adjust leg height. This impactable yard ramp features heavy-duty, adjustable safety support legs with a large 36” to 56” service range that allows loading of most vehicles from pick-up trucks to trailers and intermodal containers.