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Masts, Steps, & Ladders

We offer additional ways to protect employees at drive-through, portable, or conventional loading docks without occupying valuable floor space.  Our vertical hydraulic leveler masts provide both fall protection and a recessed plate to mount a control box without projecting into aisle.

Rail Dock Safety Barrier

Our removable forklift safety barriers provide relentless personnel and forklift fall protection at loading docks, on rail sidings, and around equipment. These heavy-duty barriers are the only system that can be effortlessly lifted, moved, and stacked by forklifts — without requiring the operator to leave his seat to engage a lifting system and risk injury.

Rail Yard Ramp

The Dockzilla Rail Yard Ramp is helping rail shippers tackle boxcar loading/unloading outside their facilities. These dynamic mobile forklift ramps can be positioned by forklifts anywhere in the rail yard to unload boxcar freight and transfer the load to trucks or storage locations.

Z-Deck Leveler

The Z-Deck Leveler raises trailer tires on an incline to minimize the angle of the lifting surface and to keep the trailers from rolling away under their own weight. This trailer lift reduces product damage by minimizing forklift interference and allows forklift operators to experience a better grade in and out of trailers.

Trailer Height Adjustments

Show your loading dock who’s boss with a posse of truck and trailer wheel risers, levelers, and pit fillers that salvage the capabilities of unproductive, unsafe loading docks. Our custom-configured loading dock systems triage trailer issues with compound decline approaches, inferior drainage placement, and other design blunders to avoid needing a loading dock equipment overhaul.

Wheel Risers

Dockzilla specializes in the design and manufacturing of wheel risers built to match any dock configuration. Wheel Risers (also known as Truck or Trailer Risers) are a simple way to reconfigure an existing loading dock, however careful attention should be paid as not to cause even more problems.