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Dockzilla is modernizing the way companies get their loading dock solutions.  We have delivered thousands of loading dock configurations for customers, ranging from massive cross-dock loading platforms the size of a football field, to a single-order dock to ground ramp for building access through an elevated dock door.  Dockzilla’s loading dock equipment is pre-fabricated and OSHA-compliant, so they arrive ready to go with minimal assembly and same-day usage.

DZ is Your Loading Dock Architect & Sales Rep Combined:

  • Work directly with the loading dock manufacturer to avoid costly mark-ups
  • Get exactly what you need vs. just the loading dock equipment your local distributor sells
  • In stock models ship ASAP – no waiting on a local rep or contractor

Our customers range from to growing businesses in leased facilities to Fortune 500 companies with multiple warehouses and distribution centers. Only Dockzilla deploys engineers on the front lines to answer customer’s questions  You speak directly with the experts who provide immediate answers, and there’s no waiting for a local sales rep to consult the engineering department.  And, we can review your property specs via photos, video, or in real-time over your smart phone  to expedite your quote.

What’s Your Loading Challenge? Dockzilla Can Help!

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