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Dockzilla specializes in the design and manufacturing of wheel risers built to match any dock configuration. Wheel Risers (also known as Truck or Trailer Risers) are a simple way to reconfigure an existing loading dock, however careful attention should be paid as not to cause even more problems. Drainage, length and width of the platforms and existing dock slope are just a few of the items we review to ensure that whatever the solution becomes, it works. Wheel Risers come in any shape and size from a few inches to a few feet tall, static to hydraulically adjustable and from 3 feet to 80 feet long.


Often customers include side wheel guides to ensure the trailers stay on the platform and receive the added benefit of consistent on center alignment of the trailers. This reduces product damage and improves the dock weather seals and operation of the dock plate.

Wheel Risers must be designed based on a customers specific loading dock conditions and trailer requirements. Homemade and short catalog risers often fall short of truly resolving the issues at the loading dock for all the trailers.

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