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Rail Yard Ramp

The Dockzilla Rail Yard Ramp is helping rail shippers tackle boxcar loading/unloading outside their facilities. These dynamic mobile forklift ramps can be positioned by forklifts anywhere in the rail yard to unload boxcar freight and transfer the load to trucks or storage locations. These rail freight loading ramps differ from traditional mobile yard ramps because they are designed to accommodate the wider, side access of boxcars. These railcar loading ramps are engineered to improve forklift driver ergonomics and reduce costly damage to forklift tires.

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Rail Yard Ramp In Action




  • Self-supporting front safety legs
  • Wheel chocks
  • Safety chains

Ergonomics/Reduced Tire Damage:

  • Higher capacity fixed lip
  • Recessed side curbs
  • Three sided lip chamfer

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