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Loading Dock Platform

Our loading dock platforms are self-standing distribution structures that provide high speed shipping capabilities wherever needed. These heavy steel loading dock platforms feature multiple dock positions and elevated work space for offloading, sorting, and staging freight. This design enables forklifts to access freight on the platform for fast-turnaround into outbound trailers. Dockzilla’s loading dock platforms can be installed inside or outside facilities, so you won’t need to invest in a new building or expansion.


Fueling Fast-Turnaround Shipments with Self-Supported Loading Dock Platforms

Dockzilla’s loading dock platforms integrate dock levelers + forklift loading ramp + elevated platform for a variety of applications, including transloading/cross docking, rail dock loading, distribution inside grade level buildings, and more.

These modular, self-supported structures create an elevated “dock height” workspace so forklifts can quickly offload incoming trailers, then sort and stage freight for transfer to outbound trailers, without making multiple trips back and forth into a warehouse.

Our loading dock platforms are pre-engineered to meet customer specs for size and dock positions and usage. They arrive within a few weeks as pre-fabricated units for easy assembly by Dockzilla’s install team, so there’s no waiting for construction crews. These freestanding modular platforms can be relocated or reconfigured as needed.

Key Features

  • Multiple dock positions
  • Varying widths and sizing configured to customer needs
  • Anchored to resist trailer impact force
  • Pre-fabricated for quick onsite assembly
  • Engineering, project management, and installation services included

Leveraging “Elevated Workspace” to Gain Distribution Efficiencies

  • Expedites shipments by allowing forklifts to stage goods near incoming/outbound trailers
  • Provides elevated loading docks inside grade-level facilities or anywhere on-property
  • No costly investment in a new facility or building expansion
  • Modular design that can be reconfigured and relocated



Our loading dock platforms are designed per IBC/OSHA standards and equipped with safeguards for personnel and forklifts.


These freestanding structures are built from high strength steel and anchored in place to resist trailer impact force, which means it stays put despite the rigors of everyday use.

Fast & Easy

These loading dock platforms arrive onsite within weeks and they’re pre-engineered and pre-fabricated for quick onsite assembly.


Modular loading dock platforms can be reconfigured and relocated for usage at other properties.


Our modular loading dock platforms can create shipping velocity inside or outside any facility – without construction. Let Dockzilla’s engineers configure a loading dock platform to support your distribution needs.

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Self-Supported Loading Dock Platforms Stand Up Anywhere Needed

Beverage distributors, dairies, tire manufacturers, recycling & waste management companies, and a host of other industries utilize Dockzilla’s loading dock platforms to optimize shipping and receiving capabilities inside or outside their facilities.