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Loading dock levelers are critical for unloading trailers as they bridge the gap between your building and the trailer bed. They float with the vertical motion of the trailer to support forklift loads traversing back and forth.  We offer several designs to fit various loading dock designs, including Edge of Dock, mechanical, hydraulic push-button, and high-capacity options.  Eliminating the need for concrete work and time-intensive installation, our dock leveler designs are either anchored to the exterior of the building or to the floor of your building.


Our leveler designs are easily removed and relocated along with the needs of your loading operations, or if your lease includes a reclamation clause requiring removal prior to your move.  In addition to wall- and floor-mounted dock levelers, we offer a variety of models that can be integrated into Dockzilla loading configurations.  Our engineers can help you select the best design for you and may ask these questions:

  1. Do you have power nearby to allow for hydraulic push-button operation?
  2. How many trailers are serviced per week?
  3. What kind of trailer will be using the dock and do they vary in height?
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Accommodate varying trailer bed heights with the right length of dock leveler.

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Dock Levelers In Action





4′ Long Hydraulic Dock Leveler

  • Can be completely wall-mounted – no footing required
  • Can be included in the Portable Loading Dock configuration
  • No concrete work required
  • Twice as long as conventional EOD Leveler
  • Fully Hydraulic leveler with no need to cut a pit
  • Wind and snow load rated
  • Modular and relocatable


Hinged Truckboard Leveler

  • Bridges the gap between vehicle bed and building floor
  • Designed for low-capacity hand-loading and cart-loading
  • Mechanically-operated


4′ Long Hydraulic Dock Leveler

  • Services +6”/-8” Above and below dock service range
  • 6’, 7’ & 8’ widths
  • 10,000 lb. to 35,000 lb. capacities
  • 16” and 20” lip
  • Hydraulic push-button operation
  • (11v/1ph with ½”HP motor 1gpm pump)
  • (460v/3 ph with 1HP motor and 3.5 gpm pump)
  • Shelter compatible – can reuse existing or any new Rite Hite dock shelter or foam seal with shelter spacer provided


Hinged Truckboard Leveler

  • 3,000 lb. maximum capacity for pallet jacks and foot traffic
  • Mechanically-operated,
  • Gas spring counterbalance
  • Foot latch to hold vertically
  • Service range of +12”/-0” above dock


Other dock leveler sizes and models are available for use in Dockzilla loading docks.

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