Forklift-Friendly Product Innovations

Getting Tipsy:  Our heavy duty Railboards are held steadfast during loading by automatically-placed D-rings. They feature 4-inch high run off guards so forklifts don’t tip or fall into the gap while carrying loads between boxcar and building floor.


Smooth Transition:  Our Railboards exclusively feature side curbs that are recessed 8-inches to allow for 90-degree turning into the boxcar. Plus, all traffic surfaces have machine-chamfered edges for a smoother forklift transition.


Easy Moving:  Our mobile loading docks and forklift loading ramps feature “double-tine” fork engagement, so that the forklift operator can easily and safely maneuver our mobile units into position. In addition, Dockzilla ramps have recessed side curbs at the base to allow forklifts to get a full 90-degree turning radius when moving the mobile yard ramp.


Solid Wheels:  Our mobile loading docks and ramps assigned to heavy duty loading jobs feature 20” solid wheels. An exclusive Dockzilla design, these wheels will not go flat, particualry when handling loads of epic proportions.


Curb Appeal:  When you’re navigating loads, side curbs help guide forklifts up loading ramps. Our loading docks and ramps feature the tallest side curbs measuring 13” high, more than 6” taller than others, to help drivers confidently cruise up and down ramps.


Easy Operation:  Dockshield Removable Forklift Barriers are patented to be completely removable, stackable, and maneuverable by a forklift. This is the ONLY barrier system that can be removed and replaced by a forklift without the operator needing to leave the driver’s seat and risk injury as a pedestrian – one of the biggest hazards in the warehouse environment.


Guard Dog:  Dockshield Removable Forklift Barriers provide relentless heavy-steel fall protection for pedestrians and forklifts, exceeding OSHA personnel guard code with three rail barriers positioned at 12”, 27”, and 42”. Other options on the market feature yellow caution paint, floor guards, and fabric netting, that aren’t likely to fend off a forklift that gets to close to the dock edge.


Nice Legs:  Our Portable Loading Docks features numerous safety features including solid front support legs so the ramp stays put during loading, even if the truck driver unexpectedly pulls away. Commodity docks and ramps offer lower price points by omitting safety legs.