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Keep Calm & Load On: Dockzilla Minds the Gap at Rail Car Loading Docks

On a recent visit to London, we rode all over the city on their impressive public rail network – the London Tube.  Being the shipping and transportation enthusiasts that we are, we were captivated at every train stop by the pleasant recorded message cautioning passengers to “Mind the Gap.”

The chasm in question was a 6” to 8” inch opening between platform and train car which you definitely want to avoid due to tripping, getting a heel stuck, or way worse.



Although we work on the industrial side of guarding railcar docks, Dockzilla Portable Railboards are minding the gap to help forklifts successfully and safely load boxcars.  Our railboards, or dock boards, feature design exclusives for safer, more productive loading:

  • Recessed Side Curbs:  for a smoother, more stable forklift path in and out of boxcars
  • 3-Sided Lip Chamfer:  for less wear and tear on forklift tires during 90 degree turns
  • D-Ring Assembly:  so that the railboard automatically locks into place



So who’s minding the gap when no trains are present?



Unguarded rail dock edges leave businesses vulnerable to a 4 ft. drop-off from platform to rail tracks, creating a hazardous situation for personnel and forklifts in distribution centers and warehouses.  Our Dockshield Removable Forklift Safety Barriers safeguard rail car loading docks, and are easily removed by a forklift for loading/unloading when trains arrive. In fact, Dockshield is the only safety barrier system that forklifts can lift, move, stack, and replace without the operator leaving the forklift – a significant safety feature.



To speak with one of our engineering blokes about ways to mind the gap at your rail loading facility, contact us directly: [email protected] or 1-800-637-3036.