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Every Dock House Saves 100 Square Feet of Inside Floor Space

When a facility attaches Dock House modular loading docks to its exterior, the inside of the building is much cleaner and a significant amount of floor space is preserved. In fact, each Dock House loading dock installed outside a facility will preserve 100 sq. ft. of internal floor space.

This means that internal operations are much more efficient, because forklifts will continue to have the usable space to operate right up to the loading dock doors, and cross-traffic won’t encounter as many interferences as with pit levelers that take up significant space inside a building. Dock House vs. pit leveler installation also translates to less taxable real estate the company is paying for that remains unused.

In addition, when a Dock House is built into the specs for new construction, it can save thousands when the square footage is removed from the building’s architectural footprint.

Key Benefit: A building with 10 Dock House loading docks can preserve 1,000 sq. ft. of interior, usable floor space.


Download our full Dock House ROI document here.