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When you need to get vehicles into a building through elevated dock doors, DZ Dock to Ground Ramps retrofit any facility quickly and without permanent construction.  Surpassing the design of basic yard ramps or pre-cast concrete, DZ ramps are fully-loaded and code-compliant, to eliminate loading dock shenanigans.  Read more about DZ Dock to Ground Ramps here.  

"DZ Dock Ramps Beat a Personnel Pileup"

We engineer loading dock ramps like architects – they’re OSHA safe, IBC compliant, and modular to move with your business.

Industry Leading Features

No Construction

Or Permits Needed

100% Tax

Year One Savings (tax code 179)


Structural Warranty

Ships ASAP & Installs

in < 2 Hours

No Bulldozers Needed

Concrete is expensive, time intensive, and permanent. While it can take months to get permits and crews to dig a conventional forklift ramp, a DZ Dock to Ground Ramp can retrofit elevated dock doors ASAP. It offloads and installs in less than 2 hours, and you can relocate it when your lease expires vs. having to excavate a cast in place ramp at the time of reclamation.

Safety Handrails Included

To us, a ramp without handrails is like a car without seatbelts. Following the International Building Code’s requirement of handrails above 30” of elevation, we’ve made them standard on our loading docks and ramps.  To keep their base price low, commodity ramp manufacturers include handrails only as an added-cost option.

Our Sidecurbs are 7″-9″ Taller

DZ Ramps feature the industry’s safest side curb design to keep forklifts from falling off the ramp. Typical forklift tires are 24” in diameter or smaller, so DZ side curbs are designed at 13” high so they’re taller than the tires – making it nearly impossible to drive over.  Some yard ramp and pre-cast ramp companies keep costs down with even shorter curbs measuring only 4 inches!

Traction Grating Raises the Bar

Dockzilla ramps feature exclusive open serrated bar grating for added tire traction. The openings allow snow and rain to fall through so accumulation won’t make the ramp slippery for forklifts and vehicles. We understand that these surfaces are considered a wear and tear item, so the grating on our forklift ramps are easily replaceable when the time comes.


When you contact us, we’ll serve as your architect to provide safe and reliable loading equipment. Whether you buy from us or not, only Dockzilla deploys engineers to answer questions and quote solutions as a complementary service.

Let us take you on a 10-minute tour to get the loading dock that’s right for you. Call us at 1-800-637-3036, email [email protected], or share your info for help!

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