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Dock Ladders from Leum Engineering Give Loading Areas a Leg Up

With all of the fancy loading dock equipment on the market, one simple addition can increase safety and help productivity climb.  Dock-mounted ship’s ladders from Leum Engineering are designed to occupy less space than traditional staircases by adhering to the wall of a loading dock.  Needing just a few extra minutes, a drill, and four bolts to install, these durable stairs provide convenient and sturdy personnel access to any loading dock.

With each step made of steel grating to provide slip protection from frost, rain, and other elements, these dock ladders provide a sensible, affordable solution to potential falls.  Because they are suspended, there is no need to consistently sweep or shovel off the bottom step that would otherwise be positioned on the ground.

Painted safety yellow for visibility, these dock ladders feature 24”wide offset treads and 36”high dual handrails that provide safety per OSHA requirements.  Similar stairs and handrails are standard safety features on our Dockzilla®Portable Loading Docks.

This dock ladder was recently added to a traditional loading dock for safer personnel access without taking up the valuable space required for a typical staircase.