Dock House Installs 5X Faster Than Pit Leveler Construction - Dockzilla

Dock House Installs 5X Faster Than Pit Leveler Construction

When new loading docks are needed at a facility, there’s a substantial checklist to consider – hiring a contractor, concrete dust contamination, interruption to operations, downtime, etc. However, a side-by-side comparison of loading dock installation reveals that businesses can be up and running 5X faster with the Dockzilla Dock House than with pit-style loading dock leveler construction.

Pit leveler loading dock installation takes place inside a facility, requiring construction crews to interrupt business operations as they carve out floor space inside the facility, and then again, when they return after the concrete cures to install the leveler unit.

While Dock House requires no concrete to install, pit levelers are installed on a concrete base that requires at least 7 days of curing time. This means that the loading dock remains unusable until a crew can return to the facility to finalize installation of a pit leveler.

Since the modular Dock House is installed completely on the outside of a building, there is no interruption to workplace operations or manufacturing on the inside. The Dock House is positioned, secured to the outside of the building, and sided, all within as few as 2-3 days. This modular loading dock is removable and relocatable, and can be reattached to a building after an expansion.


Download our full Dock House ROI document here.