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Dock House Fends Off Costly Energy Loss; Pit-Style Levelers Lack Thermal Benefits


Pit-style loading dock levelers have been a fixture at U.S. loading docks for decades. However, these levelers are becoming liability at the loading dock, especially when it comes to a facility’s energy bills.

When a building uses a pit-style loading dock leveler, it is vulnerable to enormous amounts of energy being lost at the loading dock. These levelers are made of ¼” steel and lack R-value, or thermal benefits, so they lack the ability to trap heat or cool air and it escapes to the outside of a building. Dockzilla’s Dock House solves this issue by delivering a much better insulating factor than a pit style dock leveler alone. The Dock House is a modular, steel structure that integrates a loading dock leveler, vehicle restraint, and an environmentally-sealed interior door installed from ceiling to concrete floor to fend off energy loss.

The modular concept of the Dock House creates a vestibule, similar to the air entrapment systems used at the front entrance of a building.

This modularity is proven to help facilities save $2,500 or more on cooling or heating costs per month, per Dock House installed. Depending on the type of building and its interior heating/cooling system, the savings could be substantially greater. Conversely, these year-round energy efficiencies are similar for companies using Dock House in the cold weather or hot weather climates.

Key Benefit: A building with 5 Dock House loading docks installed can save at least $12,500 per year in heating/cooling energy savings, not to mention the value of thermal benefits for frozen food or pharmaceutical distribution.


Download our full Dock House ROI document here.