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Coming Soon…Retail Supply Chain Summit NYC: “4 Ways to Beat the Clock at the Loading Dock”

As hundreds of supply chain executives huddle at the Retail Supply Chain Summit in NYC, May 10-11, Team Dockzilla is gearing up to share the top “4 Ways to Beat the Clock at the Loading Dock.”

It’s no secret that the “need-it-now” expectations of today’s online customer have ignited a distribution pressure cooker for logistics professionals who seek out worthy facilities in the best locations, and then get them up and running at record speed. Offering the most flexible, relocatable loading dock configurations, Dockzilla engineers can step in to run with any loading dock challenge, quickly retrofitting any facility into a thriving shipping operation with no construction or significant downtime.


To help the “who’s who” list of retailers, manufacturers, and 3PL/supply chain companies understand how portable and mobile loading docks, retail cross docking platforms, and modular Dock House loading docks can translate to shipping velocity, Dockzilla’s Chief Engineer, Grant Leum will be on hand at the Retail Supply Chain Summit to explain:

  • How to get new facilities up to speed in record time
  • How to make any building configuration work for specific loading needs
  • How to avoid downtime and costs of concrete construction
  • How to assess a facility for quick turnaround loading operations



Leum, founder of the only architecturally-sound portable loading dock, and a 25-year veteran of materials handling, is available during the Summit’s networking breaks on May 10 and 11 to explain the nuances of loading docks in an expedited shipping environment.

For product details from a Dockzilla engineer, or to schedule a brief meeting with Grant Leum during the Retail Supply Chain Summit, contact:, or 612-710-1012.